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Winspire is known for its superlative style of teaching. Today the world has become a global village, and to stand out with the rest, you need a strong command over

the global language. Learning a language is an advantage that you can grapple up with us.  We at winspire have professional and skilled trainers to teach you communication with the exemplary presentation of the English language with all correct pronunciation, diction, and modulation. Stand out from the rest with our all-inclusive and defined curriculum which has been heedfully planned for basic and advanced levels of training. We have individual as well as combined batches for your best comfort when it comes to learning something for seeking a higher-end goal.


The International English Language Testing System or IELTS is a worldwide standardized test that measures the linguistic skills of people who want to study or work where English is used as a language of communication. If you want to study in another country or move abroad for work, you will need IELTS to prove your ability to speak English. IELTS has been devised by some of the world's top language assessment professionals and will test the complete spectrum of English skills needed to succeed in your new job or study abroad.

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Germany is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of technological growth, a stable economy, living standards of the people, social stability, etc. Students, educated and qualified working people from India are always looking forward to this country as their future destination. Germany has its significant power in Europe, not only as being one of the founding nations of the European Union but also as a member of Schengen countries. This aspect contributes to a promising possibility for job-seekers to get their job without too much complication. Applying for a job-seeker visa is one of the better ways for a professional to search for opportunities in the German market. The first step in this process is to know the German language. Most people's desires are shattered because of this obstacle. Winspire Academy teaches German language courses in Kochi and supports students to apply for different courses at German universities and also for job-seekers visa formalities.

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English, the official language of The United States, England, and Australia is spoken worldwide. The ability to speak English fluently in addition to your native language can benefit you if you wish to seek job opportunities with international companies. It also helps you to place you a step ahead in this competitive world.

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Students Scores

Proudly claims that 7000+ students have been trained by us and secured their Desired high scores in IELTS

Pranav Sreekanth

Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 277486 Overall Band – 8.0 Listening – 8.5 Reading – 7.5 Writing – 7.0 Speaking – 8.0

Sruthi Venugopal

Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 271649 Overall Band – 8.0 Listening – 8.5 Reading – 8.5 Writing – 7.0 Speaking – 8.0

Adam Mohsin

Candidate No. 149711 Overall Band – 7.5 Listening – 8.5 Reading – 8.0 Writing – 7.0 Speaking – 7.0

Lannie Philipose

Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 248989 Overall Band – 7.5 Listening – 7.5 Reading – 8.0 Writing – 7.0 Speaking – 7.0


Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 171468 Overall Band – 7.5 Listening – 7.5 Reading – 8.5 Writing – 6.5 Speaking – 7.0

Dinsho George

Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 206360 Overall Band – 7.5 Listening – 8.0 Reading – 7.5 Writing – 7.5 Speaking – 7.0

Deepa Balakumar

Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 206488 Overall Band – 7.5 Listening – 8.0 Reading – 8.0 Writing – 6.5 Speaking – 7.5

James Panakkal

Ielts Scores
Candidate No. 206358 Overall Band – 7.5 Listening – 8.5 Reading – 8.0 Writing – 6.5 Speaking – 7.0

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We inspire our students to reach the highest level both in professional and personal aspects

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It is an academy which is easily accessible , also have a very good stuff to teach us in a perfect way. I improved a lot after reaching here. They are doing a great job and I really appreciate it.

I was able to finish my A1 in less than 2 weeks because of their great guidance. The concept of individual attention is perfect for students. Thank you so much.

Ramakrishna V Cochin
I will always be grateful to the institution and the faculty for providing proper guidance and study materials to crack IELTS. Faculty was very much supportive and the classes were interactive . Most importantly I could improve and polish my linguistic skills.
Elizabeth Anju


Live Classes

Well qualified faculties through the platform of online education brings in the excellent live classes to your home accompanied with doubt clearance sessions.

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Study Materials

Well - updated and helpful study materials provided.

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Exam Preparation

All types of exam oriented preparation session provided which will definitely help you for excellent results.

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Flexible Timings

Flexible Batches provided as per your convenience for working and non working and non working students.

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Excellent Results

Around 7000+ students successfully completed with best scores.

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Free Demo Class

Free demo classes to provide a brief introduction about the course and class structure.

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